Gagnant du Reddot design Award 2010 pour le fauteuil "Forest"

Forest - est le nom de la nouvelle série de sièges originale créée et fabriquée par le fabricant italien Fast. 

Le nom Fast est synonyme de trente ans de savoir faire dans le domaine artisanal et des années d’expérience dans la transformation des métaux. La société se concentre en particulier sur le traitement de l’aluminium et les techniques de moulage.

Fast marie son savoir faire artisanal, les technologies modernes, les connaissances et l'engagement de son personnel qualifié pour créer des articles "made in Italy" qui convainquent par des standards de design et de qualité exceptionnels. La chaise Forest arbore une allure très organique qui fait penser à une forêt. Réalisé en aluminium peint par poudrage, le siège Forest convainc par son assise très confortable et son dessin caractéristique en filigrane.

La série Forest est disponible en différents coloris.

The company history starts in the 1960s when Stefano Levrangi, an expert in non-ferrous metal casting, started his own foundry in Vestone, in the Vallesabbia region near Brescia, already well known for its productive activities. The creative craftsmanship of brass implies high-precision and in depth-knowledge of the material and production processes.

The know-how acquired by its founder, rapidly turned Fast into a leading company in this sector. At the end of the 1980s the family business was floated on the stock market and became a joint-stock company (S.p.A.). New, privately-owned premises were built to cater for increased production requirements.

The Garden project has developed over the last few years, specializing in the production of outdoor aluminium furniture. Stefano Levrangi strongly believes in the qualities of this metal: it is light, strong and doesn't rust.

The first collection, called “Narcisi”, remains true to traditional Italian craftsmanship. The following, highly refined collections include Althea and Armonia. When his son Marco joined the company, his contribution prompted the development of a more modern line. Classic and Avant-garde ranges were launched side-by-side and were instantly well-received by customers.

The Fast S.p.A trade mark is well on its way to becoming a trend-setting brand in the world of indoor and outdoor aluminium furniture.

In and Out are emblematic of in-depth aesthetic research, careful choice of materials and creativity, all rigorously “made in Italy” and developed by experts in the field and well-known designers.

The newly built 12.000 sq.m. premises in Via Gargna, have provided an ideal location for manufacturing equipment, offices for the technical and commercial staff as well as a large show-room for customers. An up-dated website, a press office in Milan, a graphics studio for handling the various aspects of corporate identity as well as an advertising campaign in specialized publications are further proof that Fast S.p.A has a valid strategic approach and a prime position on the market

fast “moai” et “zebra” nouveautés 2019

fast “moai” et “zebra” nouveautés 2019